Genuine “Only 1”
in the world

If Mozart the composer and Shakespeare the playwright had lived in the same era, they might have created a Romeo and Juliet that we do not know.
But until now, that would not have been possible.
CHAINART will reazlise thorugh Digitalization × NFT technology.


The only 1 art work in the world.
We will give genuine ownership to you.

The NFT which you will have become the Picaso’s art in the future.
CHAINART creates NFT collaborative works by famous artists exclusively.
We’ll provide actual valuable digital assets to you.


CHAINART will create a new era with NFT.

Create NFT of ownership of famous artists’s works.

CHAINART is the NFT marketplace of ownerships of famous artists’s beyond the genre(category).
The user needs to ask permission of reproduction or secondary use to the author by law.

Trading secured by actual physical collateral.

All works listed on CHAINART are controlled strictly by SMART LAB INC.
We will realize the user-to-user trading based on solid trust.

Works with a certificate of authenticity from a specialized vendor or handles only works with certificates.

CHAINART only handles official works.
From a specialized vendor.original works come with a certificate of authenticity and official reproductions come with a certificate of authenticity.

Return to artists and copyright holders

The users is able to give coin to the works with registered author and copyright when they swap.

Users are able to burn their NFT.

The works that has held and managed by users will be returned as a actual physical collateral when users burn their NFT.

Free Transaction fee

Users have to pay transaction fee when they trade and swap NFTs.
However, CHAINART offeres free swap trading environment.

CHAINART continues evolving.


We have a partnership with one of the world famous financial fund groups.


We have formed a capital alliance with the management side of an entertainment news site.

Press release of NFT GAME(The Diamond game) and pre-sale of of its character in Open Sea.


We will launch CHAINART NFT Platform.

We will have a partnership agreement with one of the world famous financial fund groups.


We will start creating Metaverse(Digital museum Manyo-kan.)


We will start secondary sell GOLD NFT.


We will challenge listing on centralized exchanges.



Finally, CHAIN ART will start full swing next monht.

Thank you for your patience.
We’re really appreciate of your patience until the Grand Open of CHAINART,

CHAINART continues evolving from now on.
Stay tuned for further developments.

We will inform you of a new update on this website.

Please enjoy using CHAIN ART MARKET PLACE VOL.01 until then.