[ Before using CHAIN ART NFT ]

Blockchain wallet “CHAINART WALLET”.
CHAINART Wallet is equipped with the latest world class technologies and able to store, send,exchange an trage NFT.In addition, it has adopted the industry's first original point redemption service.

[ Thoughts on the CHAIN ART project ]

It symbolizes a place where the next generation of artists and users, the past and future, tradition and innovation, and everything in between are connected.

CHAINART project was created to maximize the value of the work more than works themselves by adding value of single artists.
We will produce collaborative works mainly on digital with various genre’s(category) artists, such as painting, music, and technology that will have never been seen again. Also, we will handle VR contents mainly.
There is a lot of potential for high value-added content in the form of content that maximizes the digital characteristics that are the most important features of the NFT business.We will create them as NFT exclusively.
It is considered the most promising area for increasing the value of content, especially given the recent rise in global expectations for metaverse and the rapid progress of its commercialization.


It is a technology for recording and managing data.
In Japan,it is called “Decentralized Ledger Technology”.
BL is a technology that "clarifies, shares, and stores and manages who wrote what information in the ledger, when, and in such a way that it cannot be forged" because the information in the ledger that records the exchange of money can be shared, stored, and managed by all participants who handle virtual currency.


Tokens are like crypto assets such as ETH and BTC, are virtual currencies whose prices fluctuate according to supply and demand for the amount in circulation.
On the other hand,tokens are crypto currencies that do not have their own blockchain but use the Ethereum blockchain.
As for these differences, ETH is generally recognized as a "currency" due to its characteristics.
In contrast, tokens are said to be closer to the image of stocks.


Defi stands for “Decentralized Finance”.
All transactions are performed on the blockchain, so that no administration is required to execute or record transactions.
Therefore, Defi enables to manage its financial assets more transparently and autonomously.
“Dex” is the typical example of Defi.
It enables users to trade directly with each other securely.


NFT stands for “Non Fungible Token”.
It means "irreplaceable token".
Essentially, digital data is free and easily copied.
In addition, it enables to create the only and unique data, indicate the ownership, and systematize.

[ The steps of using CHAIN ART NFT ]

In order to use CHAIN ART, the following 3 points are necessary.
For more details of the preparation, please refer to “The steps of using CHAIN ART”.



It is necessary to trade on the CHAIN ART Platform.



It is necessary to hold the token.
Ex. Metamask, CHAIN ART Wallet



It is necessary to purchase the Token.
Ex. bitflyer, coincheck, BINANCE

System diagram of CHAIN ART

When using Metamask


When using CHAINART Wallet


[ The steps of using CHAIN ART ]

In order to use CHAIN ART, we’ll explain how to prepare the necessary things below the steps.

STEP.1 Create wallet ~ buy KABUKI COIN

Create Wallet

To buy KABUKI COIN, it is necessary to create a wallet.
Please prepare CHAINART Wallet or Metamask

Buy Ethereum(ETH)

In order to buy KABUKI COIN, it is necessary to buy Ethereum(ETH).
Credit card is available to buy ETH in CHAINART Wallet.



Please access to uniswap and swap Ethereum(ETH) to KABUKI COIN(KKB).In CHAINART wallet, you can connect to Uniswap by clicking the “DEX” page.
Then, you can obtain KABUKI COIN(KKB).


STEP.2 Buy items

Connect a wallet to CHAIN ART NFT platform.

Please access CHAIN ART NFT Platform first and click the wallet mark and choose the wallet you want to connect.


Buy items

Please access the item page and click the “Buy now” button.
If there’re need Token(KKB) in the wallet, modal comes up.Please enter “GAS price”(GWEI) and “Gas limit” first and lick “Confirm” button.
If it shows “Transaction is successful”, it means you’ve bought the item.

Click here for more details.

※It costs item price and gas fee for trading when you buy the item.※通It may take about 3~5 minutes to complete the transaction usually.Please note that If another users buy the item at the same time, the user who is able to complete the transaction prefered.


Confrim bought items

Please login the CHAIN ART NFT Platform first and click the user icon button in the upper right.You can confirm them「My NFts」after choosing 「Profile」.