Let’s use the resale function.


about resaling

This function is available to resell the items that the users have bought in CHAINART.
You can choose “Regular sales” or “Auction” and sell the items that you have and their sales will be paid when the trading finishes with new users.
In “Regular sales”, you can set the selling price in advance.
In “Auction”, the selling price will be decided by bidders.


STEP.1 Set the resailing items.

First of all, it is necessary to set the resailing items.
There’re 2 ways to do it and instruction is belows.

A.In case set the price to your own items.

Choose the item.

Please choose the item which you’ve bought and click the “Resell” button.


Set the selling way.

Please choose “Regular sales” or “Auction”.


Set the selling currency

Please choose the currency which is used for payment of the reselling item.
Commissions and the other fee will be calculated and deducted according to the chosen currency.


Enter the setting price

Please enter the reselling price.
Please set the amount over and above the commission for both “Regular sales” and “auctions”.
If the purchase is successful, the amount that is deducted of commision will be sent to your wallet.

※The fee is equal to the sum of the market value of the gas cost used by the Ethereum network in the transaction.


Agreement to terms and conditions.

Please click the “Resell” button after agreeing to the terms and conditions.


B.Allow the offer without setting price.

Users are able to allow and deny the offer of the purchased item.

You can set the accept or deny offer about the items you’ve bought from my page.
It is set “deny offer” as a default, but you can change it and let’s accept the offer proactively.


STEP.2 Request the resell in Metamask.

After setting the item in Rakuza, you need submission in Metamask.

Confirm the request signature.

Please click “Sign” when the “request signature” item comes up.


Confirm Token allowance.

Please click “Confirm” when the Token allowance item comes up.


Confirm reselling submission.

Please click “OK” when it shows “submit the resell”.


When you cancel or change resell.

Please clock “Stop reselling” button the item of mypage and finish reselling


Buy the reselling items.

In case of reselling items, you can view the changes of the prices.
You can also check average price, total amount of trading and trading histories.
Therefore, you can refer to them and enjoy buying NFTs.
You can also resell items as same ways as buying new items so that please check instructions below.

Select the item you want.

You can select reselling items from the page list of items that shows reselling.


Select the buying way.

You can select the buying way from the detail page of the item.

A. Buy now the item at the owner's asking price.

Payment will be completed at the indicated price immediately.

B. Place a price.

The item’s owner will decide whether he will sell it at the price.
If he accepts it, payment will be made immediately.


A.In case when you select “Buy now the item at the owner's asking price”.

It is necessary to apply from Metams after setting about buying in CHAIN ART Platform.

Confirming requested signature.

Please click the singnature’s request if it will be indicated.


Settling of Gas Fee.

Please click the “Confirm” button when the pop of of Gsd fee is displayed.


Confirmation of purchase.

Please click “OK” button when it will be indicated as “Complete purchasing”.


B.In case when you select “Place a price”.

Please select the currency and enter the price you want to purchase.


Enter the offer message.

Please enter the message to offer the item to the item’s owner.
The contents and enthusiasm of it would be one of the aspects of accepting of selling the item.


Agreement to terms of use.

Check the check box and click the button to put a limit price with this content.


Confirmation of signature’s request.

Please click the “Signature” button when the pop of is showing “Request of the Signature”.


Confirmation of Token approval.

Please click the “Confirm” button when it will be indicated as “Approval of Token”.


Confirmation of the offer applying.

Your offer is processing now.
※The item will be added to offer lists on items page when you finish applying offer.