Revolutionary Moments in Art

here are true works and fakesin Art.

True works are created by the artists.
Fakes are created by other artists and pretending as if he created it by his name and distributed
Due to the development of technology, true works are recognized as sometimes owners of the works inflict a loss recently.
The key point of CHAIN ART’s NFTs are that they are able to identify if they are real or fake.
Ordinally people are able to do that even though they are not appraisers.
It means that users will not take fake works anymore against their will.

In the word of “True”, it indicates not only authenticity of the works but also including the meaning of values that are unable to identify only from their appearances.
Recently, there are many works are created as NFTs have been supplied as if their value would be raised, even though they are not valuable at all and recognized as works.

CHAINART emphasizes is

“We won’t create NFTs and make is as a valuable one, but create valuable works as NFTs.”

Art is not something we can get easily from somewhere, but it is extremely rare.
They will be “True” because we’ll create them as NFTs

This is also true not only in art, but also in business in the real world.
The only appearance’s enterprise always will be revealed finally.
It is also true in the NFTs industry.
It seems to be a bubble market but the selection process will begin in earnest in the future, and the products will be sorted out.

CHAINART promises that they will manage real business to be selected by user, offering actual valuable NFT works.

Thoughts on the name of “CHAINART”


In the beginning of the Meiji era, Japanese arts, especially “Ukiyo-e” were the rage of the times in France.At that time, the name of “Japanism” was born so that there are probably few people who hadn’t heard of “Hokusai-Katsushika”,”To-shu-sai Sharaku”,”Utamaro-Kitagawa” and so on.
These artists were not only recognized by the audiences, but also had influenced many worldwide famous artists, such as “Vincent Willem van Gogh”, “Claude Monet” and so on.

However, few people knew how and how had exported and popularized “Ukiyo-e” overseas when there was no internet.Nevertheless, there was a man who had been to abroad alone and exported “Ukiyo-e” and make them recognize as Art.It is “Tadamasa-Hayashi”.

We’d like to create the roadmap and give the opportunity to go out into the world to the artists who have not been recognized and popularized by the audiences even though they have great talent to do that, like “Tadamasa-Hayashi”We promise that we’ll be the content aggregator to be recognized in the world.

Currently, we’ve been connecting to the world via the Internet.Art works will be changed to remain digital assets by adding the Internet and technologies, like digital and blockchain.We named this project “CHAIN ART” because various thoughts and technologies are strung together like chains.

NFT works


We’ve established DCS as a planning, producing and management of digital entertainment works.DCS means “Digital technology and various genres of arts Collaboration for relining brand value Studio”.
The role and aim of this studio is to create the added value to the works themselves and to increase them.We will produce collaborative works mainly on digital with various genre’s(category) artists, such as painting, music, and technology that will have never been seen again.Also, we will handle VR contents mainly. There is a lot of potential for high value-added content in the form of content that maximizes the digital characteristics that are the most important features of the NFT business.We will create them as NFT exclusively.

NFT enterprise


U6 studio, which is the operating company of the studio, has created a wallet system, which is able to manage centrally and protect NFTs owner’s assets.
They have created it because they’ve been given the copyright or a trust assignment or partial assignment of copyright from the artist about the NFTs that are able to trade on CHAINART marketplace.


We will launch the original NFT Marketplace “CHAINART MarketPlace”, which handles collaborative works by famous artists exclusively.
It enables the investor and writer to maximize their profit, and its system has been adopted in Japan.
Users are able to trade the famous NFTs on other marketplace that they’ve purchased on it.


We’ll create facilities, such as a concert hall and museum on metaverse and release the works produced by CHAIN ART.
It enables to ensure the value of work and further monetization.
NFT owners can also expect to benefit from the increased value of their works and business revenues when their works are seen by many people in the metaverse.

The potential of NFT Market


It’s obvious difference between the price of NFTs, tokens concerning NFTs and other tokens.

While most virtual currencies follow a pattern of short-term buying and selling as the market picks up, NFT is different.
Current NFT is like the initial BTC.
Just as the price of BTC jumped, albeit chaotically, when it was first exposed to the technology, there is an expectation that buying NFTs and related stocks now may lead to a jump in prices.

However, it will turn out to be true in the near future.

Even though NFT is getting attention rapidly, its market volume is quite small since it’s less than 300 million dollars compared to 2 trillion dollars, which is the crypto currency market. Therefore, it will be expected to be expanded.
Not only that(What is more), well known giant companies have been entering the NFT market such as “Coca Cola”, “NewYork Times” and “Shueisha”, “Rakuten” in Japan.
For above reasons, NFT seems to to become a secure infrastructure.

The industry has also given birth to the term "virtual currency chief," but even so, there are few real opportunities.
It is all about recognizing this opportunity and how quickly you seize it.